Nutrition Made Easy

I’ve read A LOT about nutrition, I was an NCAA DIV 1 athlete with a strength coach and nutritionist, and I dated a personal trainer for 2.5 years. Throughout that time I have done a lot of different things including cutting weight to 150 lbs (which is quite awful if you are 6 feet tall like I am) and working my way back from a shoulder dislocation, two ventral hernias and the resulting surgeries.

My current focus is to build size and strength through lean muscle gain, and I’ve heard and read a lot of nonsense about the diet I need to do that. The best advice that I have found so far comes from Jason Ferruggia, an accomplished trainer and writer for publications like Men’s Fitness, Livestrong, and Shape. Both genders can take a lot from his no nonsense approach which encourages healthy eating habits over trendy, carb cutting or protein loading that leaves you feeling like crap.

I can’t summarize the information any better than Jason, so here is the link to his article. No matter what your fitness goals are, there is something in this article for everyone so do yourself a favor and check it out when you have a moment:



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