I never in one million years imagined that I would be writing a blog. To be honest, I’ve always hated blogs and bloggers with a fiery, burning passion hotter than 1000 suns. I still think there is a special place in hell reserved for all of the people out there churning out article after article about “5 reasons why he isn’t right for you” or “10 signs that your dog is your grandma reincarnated”, but I have also gained respect for the people out there who are trying to create new and original content with the goal of informing or inspiring their audience. My goal for this blog is to be more like them and to share new and interesting things that I am learning or experiencing in an entertaining or thought-provoking manner. Some of my posts will be comedic like my Great Gift Ideas on a Budget post and some will be quite serious like my What doesn’t kill you… post. None of my posts will be uninformed, clickbait garbage like you see on websites like “Elite Daily”, “Tiny Buddha”, “Thought Catalog”, or “Buzzfeed” aka the Four Horsemen of Life-Ruining Advice.